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Realize the impossible concept
of skin rejuvenation

【SeanoGen™】the core is "rejuvenation", we
are looking for precious and special active
substances in the treasure house of life - the
sea. We are committed to making the
impossible concept of rejuvenation possible.

【SeanoGen™】 is a revolutionary and upgrad-
ed version of Seanol Beauty! It is improved from
Asia's first medical-grade beauty care product
aimed at improving skin degradation. With the
US FDA patented ingredient-seaweed polyphe-
nol Seanol®, medical-grade skin care products
are manufactured, which are safe, effective and
effective. It can improve the chronic inflamma
tion and aging of skin, anti-oxidation and im-
prove the metabolism of skin. Creat a youthful
and tender skin for you of any age. Compared
with the previous generation, SeanoGen™ is
purer and more refined. and the effect is ex-
tremely improved! Skin is renewed, how can it
be impossible.


What is Seanol®?
Gold of the Ocean, Secret
of Cells Reborn

Seanol® Polythenol was invented and developed
at a cost of USD 45 million by Korean Professor
Dr. Haengwoo Lee and his international
pharmaceutical team of American, Japanese and
Korean scientists. A super-strong
anti-oxidant,“sea polythenol” (patent Seanol®
 ) is extracted from Golden Grass (also called
Golden Seaweed) found at depths of 100 metres
around JeJu Island, one of the seven wonders of
the world in Korea. Dr Lee discovered that
Golden Seaweed possesses very strong vitality
and is not affected by ultraviolet rays. It has an
amazing renewable power, remaining youthful
and vital for more than one hundred years.
Golden Seaweed contains a precious, natural
chemical “Ecklotannins” with an anti-oxidant
potency 230 times that of Vitamin E. Its unique,
fat-soluble properties permit Seanol® to
penetrate cell walls in order to protect and repair
the cell core. Research shows Seanol® can
regenerate cells in decline, delay cell-ageing and
to be proven highly beneficial in dealing with skin
ageing and chronic dermatologic problems.

Revolutionary [Upgraded Formula]
Double Repair Intense, create the
legacy of flawless skin

The new SEANOGEN™ [Premium Anti-Aging Skin Cell Rejuvena-
tion Cream] fights aging and adopts the upgraded Seanol® algae
polyphenols. It is more refined and purer than the previous ver
sion. Its skin repair effect has been greatly enhanced. It can
instantly and deeply moisturize the skin, thoroughly improve cell
oxidation, strengthen cell rejuvenation, and fundamentally fight
skin aging. This new version can double the effects of removing
wrinkles, skin laxity,fine lines, and dull and rough skin, restore
smoothness and softness,enhance the skin, reproduce a perfect
and young complexion, and allow you to enjoy vitality and radi-

【Premium Anti-Aging Skin Cell
Rejuvenation Cream】

The outstanding rejuvenation effect

Seanol® has been awarded 30 health-improving patents inter-
nationally and is supported by more than 100 scientific research
reports. It became as FDA New Dietary Ingredient (NDI) in 2008,
i. Its beneficial effects are remarkable. In South Korea, it has
been adopted by many plastic surgery hospitals and doctors.
The upgraded version has been well received by professional
beauty salons.It has been praised by women all over Asia and
won over seven authoritative skincare awards.

Solution for 8 Skin Problems

Usage :
After cleansing your face, apply an appropriate amount to your face, and gently
pat your face till the product is completely absorbed. You will have a better effect
by using it both in the morning and evening.

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