Dr Face Medical Far Infrared Youthful face Device

Everyday 30 minutes, reverse skin aging


Young and beautiful skin requires both external and internal care. Enough nutrients must be provided for the external layer. But internally enough energy much be provided for the cells, in order to comprehensively repair the skin. As we age, the energy available for the skin diminishes, and endocrine disorders can lead to chronically aging skin. Have you ever wanted to avoid this fate, and completely reverse muscle aging? Only 30 minutes per day with the Dr. Face medical grade far infrared therapy will add enough energy to muscle cells Krupp, making it your indispensable youthful face preservation device.


Patented Technology

Dr Face Medical Far Infrared Youthful

Face Device

The Korean Dr. Face medical grade for infrared youthful face device – a therapeutic apparatus approved by the Korean KFDA, US FDA, Europe CE. It features patented nano-titanium and carbon fiber membrane technology, capable of producing pure far infrared thermal energy to a depth of 50 mm into the skin, incomparably better than the usual surface-warming far infrared devices.


More than 90% far infrared

Get reverse skin aging, young and beauty

Dr.Face Medical far infrared is the energy in sunlight that can penetrate the farthest

into the skin and subcutaneous tissues. It can penetrate 50 mm into the skin,

re-activating cells, promoting enzyme production and rejuvenating.

Dermis inner and outer layers - 1.5 mm

Focused energy tightens pores, wrinkles, bags under the eyes and enhances whiteness.

Fibrous layers - 3.0 mm

Thermal energy stimulates collagen, creating youthful contours.

Deep muscle and fat layer - 4.5mm

Tightens muscle membranes, enhances supporting force, improves sagging.

Dermis inner and outer layers – 50 mm

Deep thermal energy discharges metabolic wastes and fat, completely activates cells.


The US National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) published a large amount of experimental data in 1989 that prove : Wavelength 6-14 microns medical far infrared 8 treatment level is the essence of sunlight, and can be an indispensable energy source for the cells. It is widely used in medical treatment.


Dr. Face medical grade far infrared can be quickly absorbed by the body, causing the vibration of elements and atoms and producing a resonance effect. This promotes subcutaneous temperature rise and microvascularexpansion to promote blood circulation and remove toxins, fat, static blood and cosmetic residues accumulated in the pores. They are discharged directly from the skin by sweat metabolically, It can quickly relieve the discomfort of skin redness and fever, eliminate inflammation and swelling quickly, accelerate wound healing and avoid scars. Dr.Face is the best repair instrument for relieving redness and sensitivity after medical beauty therapy and accelerating skin repair, which can help skin recover perfectly.


After the medical beauty treatment...

magic repair tool

Improve wound healing, reduce

inflammation and swelling

Medical cosmetology treatment are popular, but many
customers' skin becomes fragile and sensitive after
treatment, such as dryness, redness, swelling, sensitive
reaction, even bruise and wound. Improper repair
may directly affect the effect and duration of the
treatment. Dr.Face medical-grade far-infrared
repairing instrument with non-invasive, zero trauma ,
painless, and zero side effects, can help you easily
solve the redness, swelling, and sensitive reactions of
your customers after surgery, shorten the skin recovery
period, and ensure the successful creation of young
and healthy skin, and make your treatment more perfect.

Suitable: After HIFU, laser, color light, embroidering
eyebrows, water gun, and micro-shaping.

Repair wounds, redness and swelling
after medical treatment

OnlyApproved by the Korean KFDA

OnlySpecially used in Korean hospitals

Medical Far Infrared Source
of beauty (MFIR)

Dr. Face medical grade for infrared can revive aging skin cells and help you to
tighten pores, get rid of wrinkles, stimulate collagen, tighten muscle membranes,
tighten skin and effectively improve sagging skin. It will allow skin care products
to be more easily absorbed and create youthful contours for you while
reversing skin aging. It is truly the modern woman's beauty source.

Firms and lifts

Whitening and lighten spots

Tightens pores

improving dullness and brightening skin tone

Returns to a younger state

Repairing cell

Reducing swelling and anti-inflammatory

Increases blood microcirculation

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