Originated in France, La Bonne has a group of eight laboratories in France and a top R&D team of professionals with intensive research know-ledge. After years of research and development, we have developed innovative active ingredients. Through clinical testing of dermatology, active ingredients are credential with the ingredient safety certification of French FDA, and a series verification of European safe ingredients and international GMP production, to ensure the selection of the most effective ingredients with the maximum safety.


Patented formula - Bloom Your Youth and Rewrite Skin Age

YO2 Hydra-Lift Serum adopts FDA patented formula and ingredients from natural plant materials. YO2 HLS Serum is especially designed to create a plump, moist skin and retain its youthful appearance. It keeps the skin shining for all day, brightening healthiest complexion, eliminating precipitation pigment, injecting oxygen to cells, starting cell regeneration and reshaping v-face contour. It helps with tightening neckline, moistening fine lines and dry lines around the eye, smoothing eye bags, reducing dark circles and getting the eye area back to vitality and firmness with charms.At the same time, it contains different anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic ingredients, which can resist oxidative stress, damage and relieve inflammation, strengthen skin defense, resist external prickle, replenish natural moisture and repair dry and assists in epidermal turn-over. It also improves sensitive skin, brings skin cells instantly back to healthy and moist conditions, and keeps skin in the most ideal and youthful state.

Youthful radiance Toned vital lift Reduce pigmentation Firm up neck skin

YO2 Active Ingredients

  • Algowhite

    A French marine alga extracted by a patented process.For skin lightening, protection against aging, and elimina-tion of pigmented scales.

  • Glabriliance Complex

    Glabriliance is obtained from licorice root trough a controlled supply. For spots lightening activity, soothing and anti-inflamatory for sensitive skin.

  • Lumi skin

    Extracted from the bark of the Chilean Boldo tree. This ingredient works as a skin lightening agent.

  • Osilift

    Extracted from Avena Sativa originated in Eurasia.To even out skin tone and texture, skin defense, natural hydration and moisture. This ingredient is suitable for all skin types, but expecially for sensitive skin and dry and flaky skin.

  • Hya-Max

    A standardized natural form of Hyaluronic Acid. Holds up hydration & tightens skin tone, firms facial contours & reduce under eye circles, promotes skin cell regeneration and improves fine lines & wrinkles.


Bloom Your Youth and Rewrite Skin Age

Let the Beauty Blossom

YO2 HLS Serum is a good base serum assistant for all kinds of facial masks. The essence first replenishes the stratum corneum, making the skin easier to absorb the facial mask nutrition: at the same time, the facial mask stimulates the skin, improving the penetration of essence, and achieving an ideal daily repair with double effects; so to have a long-term charming glow, radiance and youth retention.


after cleansing and toning your face in the morning and evening, take an appropriate amount and gently massage your face, eyes and neck in circular motions until it is completely absorbed. Apply essence before makeup to keep makeup on all day long.

The Professional Course Of Treatment

A combination with La Bonne Elite Gold Mask, Elite Jade Mask and Elite Diamond Mask could instantly bring remarkable results to the skin.

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