Originated in France, La Bonne has a group of eight laboratories in France and a top R&D team of professionals with intensive research knowledge. After years of research and development, we have developed innovative active ingredients. Through clinical testing of derma-tology, active ingredients are credential with the ingredient safety certification of French FDA, and a series verification of European safe ingredients and international GMP production, to ensure the selection of the most effective ingredients with the maximum safety.


Non-Stop Care, Glow with Charm

Bust Care Serum restores the true femininity of the silhouette and the neckline. The dictyopteris oil boosts the natural storage of lipid in the breast adipocytes which increased their volumes and firmness.

In addition it's immediate and persistent lifting effect is due to the tara gum. The extracts of Brazilian chicory and kigelia, and the marine collagen as well stimulate the strength of the firming tissue.

It's exceptional texture is made to penetrate very quickly and to leave a silky touch for an immedicate well-being. Suitable to correct neckline and nourish lips as well.



Personal Care Choice

As we age, appearances are gradually changing. Breasts are no exception. They become saggy, droop outward extended and lose flexibility. Having a beautiful body shape makes you feel more confident, so breast care is the key to the attractiveness. La Bonne Paris researchers are deeply aware of women's troubles and carefully select a variety of natural active ingredients to make an ultimate beauty Breast serum. Just like magic, it makes the Breasts firm, improving shape, volume and size overall.

3in1 BCS serum is formulated to quickly penetrate into the skin, leaving skin with a silky smooth touch. At the same time, the serum is suitable for neck and lips, effectively smoothing fine lines on neck and supply nutrition to lips. This serum to can be used in treatments for guests in the breast care programs for lifting and volume results, additionally it can be used to reduce stretch marks, lift buttocks and have charming curves. From today, with the help of 3in1 BCS serum, take good care of your breast in the right way to reshape your beauty. Let your confidence shine.

Main Active Ingredients

  • Brazilian Chicory Exract

    Anti – Oxidant & Firming

  • Dictyopteris Algae Oil

    Nourish Tissues for Volume

  • Tara Extract


  • Marine Collagen

    Slow ageing, Plump Skin, Soothing

  • Kigelia Extract

    Skin Elasticity

  • Vitamin E

    Youthful Skin, Fight to Block Free Radicals

-Volume, Lifting

-Firming, Plumping and Elasticity



Efficacy Test After 1 month of treatment, 69% of volunteers observe a volume enhancing effect. The breast volume is inceased of 11.4% Benefits* : Volume – Firming – Lifting - Size

Product Feature


Nourishes the breast        Improves flabbiness

Firming and lifting            Prevents atrophy

Postpartum repair            Restores elasticity

Reduce pigmentation       Lightens the complexion





After shower every night, take a proper amount of serum and apply on the breasts. Massage from armpit to breast in an upward circular motion for 3-5 minutes until the serum is fully absorbed.


  • Breast Firming

  • Anti-Stretch Marks

  • Hips Lifting

  • Bust / Body Firming Mask

  • Bust Care Serum 1000g

SDW Slimming System

SDW Active Ingredients

Over 50+ Essential Oil Formulations - Shea butter - Marine ingredients - Vitamin minerals - Plant Root Extract

Pure Natural Slimming Formula

100% Natural origin chicory

Made in France

  • Slimming
  • Removing Toxins from your body
  • Burning fat
  • Reshaping perfect body
  • Burning up to 5,000 calories
  • Reversing your Biological age

SDW Slimming System SDW Concentrate System

A dream does not come true

through magic but sweat and a cream

SDW I : Slimming and opening up clogged pores for effective sweating

SDW II : Reduce cellulite and water retention

SDW III : Fatty tissues reduction

SDW IV : Remodel perfect posture, firmness and couture

SDW can be used in


The SDW concentrate cream are formulated for weight loss and effective sweating.

It is applicable in the gym or sauna SDW concentrate cream effectively accelerates fat burning, helps heal internal injuries, soothes the skin, enhances physical exercise, accelerates the body heat, reduces the pain of injuries, and promotes blood circulation.


3Slimming Massage

SDW performance

Apply SDW essence cream to create a film on the outermost layer of skin.

When your body is being heated with thermal wrap and cream layers on, it naturally tries to cool off itself by sweating. With additional layer of skin, it becomes harder to sweat. Therefore, the body needs a powerful way to sweat. This heat trap is called the 'perspiration effect'.

Your body starts burning fat cells and triglycerides. It enables your body with a strong energy to break the extra layer of skin to cool down.At the same time, fat cells naturally shrink with detoxification and weight loss effect.

Suggested Directions

Detoxification and Anti-water retention: SDW essence I + SDW Essence II

Fat burning and slimming: SDW essence I + SDW Essence III

Shaping and firmness: SDW essence I + SDW essence IV


SDW instructions :

Step 1: Apply SDW I and gently massage the whole body
(Function: to open pores and sweat easily)

Step 2: Apply SDW II and press the acupuncture points in lymphatic way of massage
(function: to expel toxins from the body).

Step 3: Apply SDW III to fatty parts of body
(Function: to reduce fat and perform slimming results)

Step 4: Apply SDW IV to your whole body
(Function: reshape perfect shape, contour and get firmness)

The texture is smooth, moistening and easy to glide in massage.
The more white color sweating shows, the more toxins, the lighter
the less toxins (the product is 100% natural ingredients)

Added Features

It penetrates into the skin and forces the body to burn fat cells.
When body's fat cells shrink, the lymphatic circulation becomes
better, which effectively removes toxins and waste.

Toxin Analysis & Sweat Indicator

Sweat contains water, electrolytes, sodium, chlorine, potassium, urea, lactic acid, bicarbonate,and calcium. SDW formula can expel three colors from the body sweat to specific toxins in the body. Milky white represents more toxins in the body, while clear white and transparent color represents less toxins in the body.

Before and After Treatment

  • BeforeAfter

    Fatty Tissues Reduction

  • BeforeAfter

    Abdomen and Waist

  • BeforeAfter

    Abdomen and Legs

Thermographic Infrared Heat Map –
Blood Circulation Indicator

Red, orange and yellow : Good

Blue and light green : Moderate

Purple and black : Poor

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