Herbal Acupuncture Powder is made of Bai's family's secret recipe. The powder refined from precious herbs and mix with egg white when used .

The five elements: gold, wood, water, fire, and earth; the five qi complements each other, generates and interacts with yang and yin. The combination of water and fire emits heat, and then the heat energy is introduced into the skin's bones and meridians by its translucent effect.It can effectively improve the human body healthy condition.dredge the meridians, warm the meridians, expel wind, dispel coldness, remove toxins from the body, dispel blood stasis, dispel edema, enhance immunity, improve sub-health, and replenish vital energy.

Dr. Bai chunye has been taught traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture, acupoint pressing, massage, bone setting and other medical skills from his grandfather who was a famous doctor when he was young. At the same time, he studied Taiji and Buddhism. His grandfather medical experience and education laid a good foundation for doctor Bai's medical knowledge; At present, Dr. Bai is passionate about the research of traditional Chinese medicine meridian therapy. After years of research and clinical application and practice, he has cured a large number of patients including rheumatism, bone hyperplasia, and internal organs that cause dark spots on the face and so on.

In 1993, Dr. Bai was elected as a national member of the Traditional Medicine Professional Committee of the Chinese Culture Research Association.

In 1995, the Beijing Chunye Vertebral Body Technology Research Center was applied for in Beijing. At the same time, it has also obtained a key scientific and technological research certificate for the development of traditional Chinese medicine to the world, treatment of rheumatoid, bone hyperplasia.

The success of Herbal Acupoint Powder treatment is mainly because it can replace acupuncture, massage, and Scraping. It is used externally to select acupoints in the meridians, to relax the meridians; to obtain qi quickly, to substitute acupuncture; its can remove blood stasis, detoxify, and improve blood circulation when heated.

In 1996, the innovative clinical treatment and thesis of Herbal Acupuncture Powder won the World Traditional Medicine Outstanding Contribution and International Outstanding Achievement Award, and gave lectured on this unique new treatment in the world of beauty.

This Herbal Acupuncture Powder can regulate internal organs, reduce fat, lose weight, lighten stretch marks, regulate endocrine, depigment, remove blood stasis, get rid of dampness, relieve meridians, improve metabolism, and clean up waste in the body. For the symptoms of cervical spine, lumbar spine, rheumatoid arthritis, periarthritis of shoulder, gastrointestinal regulation, endocrine disorders, menstrual pain, kidney deficiency,swelling of the body, irregular blood gas, and other symptoms have the effect of improving.

Herbal Acupuncture powder can be combined with the course of treatment:

Cervical spine care, warm uterine care, herbal chest care, back detoxification care, hip health care, relieve joint pain care, viscera care.

During dog days and sanjiu cycle days do the treatment with Herbal Acupuncture powder, the effect is better.

Comply with the natural,cultivate a healthy body

Dog days

Dog days : During the three hottest periods in the whole year, it is a good opportunities for treating winter diseases in summer time.

Sanjiu cycle

sanjiu cycle:During the three coldest periods of the year, when the body's Yang energy is the weakest, it is necessary to keep good Yang energy in the cold winter.

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