Getting used to the Reinforced cement, mixed traffic and crowed
people, when your body and mind were exhausted, life motivation
was losing, Have you ever think of escaping, let your heart return
to quiet and elegant. Have you ever think about how close your
destination is.

The first Ayurveda Health Holiday Center of China,
located in the beautiful scenery of the Maofeng
mountain, 40 minutes drive from downtown
Guangzhou. Here, you can feel the peaceful and
calm given by nature, friendly staff, high quality
balanced healthy vegetarian culture experience.

It covers 30 acres with an area of about 4500 square
meters , one Ayurveda treatment building,50
comfortable guests rooms ,4 shared classrooms ,
300 square meters of multi-purpose vegetarian
restaurants ,1200 square meters of Outdoor activities
space, and an elaborate paradise for your leisure and
comfortable experience. From Ayurvedic therapy,
comes from ancient India, doing yoga to keep quiet
and meditation in the morning.

When the guests arrive, they will receive a professional
consultation from Dr. Ayurvedic to identify personal physical and health needs first. And then based on the
consultation result, we will develop appropriate
health-care programs, with personalized diet therapy
and rich experience courses.

During the busy time,taking some time to feel, to
record happiness and stop our steps to focus on
healthy, to experience a different way of life and the
desire for a new life. Here is Parma, a paradise on
the edge of the city of palestine.

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