With the vision of "holding up everyone's inner light", Flowingo team is committed to supporting everyone to explore life and learn truth, so as to realize a free, creative, abundant and prosperous life.

At present, Flowingo team has a series of online public welfare activities, including online meditation, Public welfare sharing, video exchange meetings, etc., as well as online and offline courses that directly support the learning and growth of people around the world.

Team introduction of Flowingo College

Founder CEO - Gao Yashuang

Dedicated to serving individuals and teams to explore and learn truth, and share life how to grow in life, and practical insights

She was the chief engineer director of the Light Metal Research Center of Auckland University in New Zealand, and the director of China marketing.

Ph.D. in psychology, University of Auckland, majoring in human behavior, perception and efficient decision-making ,

She has helped many enterprises to improve their work efficiency, deeply excavate the essence of training middle and senior management and applied it to the shaping of leadership,

Efficient team introduction and professional manager management skills, leadership, personal quality training and coaching

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