HKPA Eyebrow Art Service (all using European Purebeau colour: safe, painless, non-redness and no swelling)

HKPA Hong Kong International Eyebrow Art Academy not only offers eyebrow art courses, but also provides quality service. It uses soft and light brush to create natural eyebrows and bright eyes and lips. Our chief eyebrow technician has more than 20 years of experience in eyebrow shaping and correction experience. With the enthusiasm and professionalism of half - permanent makeup, to provide guests with safe, secure eyebrow art service.


★Latest HKPA stereoscopic brow art service

★HKPA HD eyeliner service

★HKPA mist lip service

★HKPA hairline service

★HKPA natural brow art service for men

★HKPA Eyebrow Correction Service


The above services can be booked for consultation


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