PUREBEAU was originally founded in Germany, in 1998. The founder of the company is Mr. Dirk Hundermark, a chemist and technologist. For
the first time, a semi-permanent make-up technique combined with special medical cosmetic colors can cover up the effect of post-traumatic
scars. Mr. Dirk Hundermark brings together a team of professionals and creates high-quality instruments that can be used in cosmetology and
coloring under a unique set of procedures. And through careful efforts, the contour makeup technology has been widely spread all over the world.

Professional semi-permanent make up

PUREBEAU skillfully uses the possibilities of everything that can happen, such as turning your eyes sparkle like stars, or turning your lips into moving

PUREBEAU semi-permanent experts know the best way to show your beauty, make you perfect. Unless you want a stunning look, a natural and
realistic makeup is a good choice. Through PUREBEAU's professional, flexible and high-quality products, we can easily provide you with many
different choices according to your needs. each and every detail can show the German spirit of precision and high-quality for the best results.

PUREBEAU Technology

Over the past 20 years, Hong Kong, China, Singapore, South Korea, Australia, the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Russia, Italy, France,
Austria and other different countries and places, Purebeau Technologyhave been recognized as the best.

PUREBEAU has paid attention to the highly complex high-tech design and high-quality materials in the development of the first instrument, which is
the most important factor for the execution of very delicate and accurate work. This is the only way to achieve the highest standards of hygiene and
safety at the same time.

PUREBEAU provides a different system to ensure that instruments and tools are used correctly and safely. Another high technological standard of all
PUREBEAU equipment, the instrument design is ergonomic, and the elegant and exquisite appearance design makes you feel the fun and joy of use.

PUREBEAU instrument can be used to perform the following operations:

The needle

By using colored needles, you have experienced reliable technology. The needles used by PUREBEAU are made according to the principles of
acupuncture and moxibustion, so they are very delicate and smooth, which minimizes skin irritation, and enables the pigments to be transferred to
the skin very finely and accurately.In addition, The PUREBEAU needle is cut by laser welding. The process is very precise, Compared with general
welding needles, PUREBEAU needles do not have any metal residues.PUREBEAU designs various types of needles, which are perfectly suited for
different needs.

Needle speed

The use of professionally designed acupuncture speed is another essential requirement to achieve perfect results. The PUREBEAU device makes it
easy for you to adjust the speed of the needle to the desired range.After years of research and development, PUREBEAU has determined the ideal
speed for various procedures. It's a perfectly delicate science that greatly improves the accuracy of semi-permanent makeup and prevents severe
allergic reactions.

The concept of color

The choice of pigments and the correct use (density, mixing ratio, changes of paint on the skin) constitute one of the greatest challenges of coloring.
That's why PUREBEAU has developed a comprehensive, especially secure color management. This includes not only fully reliable color systems to
determine the correct color blending ratios and applications, but also the development of individual unique high quality colors, which include a
variety of complementary products.

PUREBEAU pigments are absolutely safe. To achieve a safe and perfect effect, it not only relies on pure and meticulous color pigments (the
Dermatest organization appraised as the "best"), but also because we use the most complex and sophisticated procedures for the color and
alignment. Potential negative effects have been identified in advance and dealt with through adequate analysis and action on skin color. (Computer
integrated color warm and cold ribbon) The color spectrum can match all skin types and colors, and fully correct and correct them naturally. perfect.

PUREBEAU uses the best color quality, with the professional training of HKPA Hong Kong Semi-Permanent Makeup Artist Academy and
sophisticated equipment to solve the color processing on the eyebrows, eyeliner, lips and body, which makes the operator feel at ease and safely
and effectively make semi-permanent embroidery projects.


World leading technology, rich experience support


PUREBEAU color material development and quality control with safety first, and continue to innovate to guide the market trend


Provide professional seminars, courses and professional training systems to become an international professional semi-permanent drawing
embroidery technology master

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