About us


Keep your mind and body Balance,get health and beauty


Regal Mark provides you with natural, safe and effective products, which helps you become full of energy ,beautiful and healthy inside and out.Established in Hong Kong in 1999, Regal Mark and the beauty industry of Hong Kong have made many achievements and witnessed history together. The founders entered in the beauty industry from the 1990s,Over the years, they have rich practical experience, a thorough understanding of the development of the whole beauty industry, strong strength and numerous awards, laying a solid foundation for development of Regal Mark.


Since its establishment, Regal Mark has continued to organize various courses, activities and lectures on beauty, wellness and practical training. It has also organized professional exchanges in beauty industry around the world, and invites the Hong Kong beauty industry to participate in order to lead the industry to continue to move forward. The world is constantly changing. We also need to keep learning, " Love and gratitude  Go ahead together ".


Since its establishment, Regal Mark has always been based on the concepts of health, wellness, safety and effectiveness, with a keen sense of the market.from time to time , pay attention to and introduce the latest contemporary products. So as to meet the needs of the market, provide professional training and services for the beauty industry. And create a business circle of unity and harmony .continuous innovation, contribute everyone’s strengths, create excellent achievements and high-quality healthy.



Supporting services:


Eyebrow tattoo Academy


Founded in 1999, the founder has more than 20 years of professional experience in eyebrow tattoo technology research, often teaching and communicating eyebrow tattoo technology around the world. It provides professional eyebrow art certificate courses, and uses high-quality German pigments, combined with safe and reliable cutting-edge equipment, exquisite and leading technology, to provide guests with quality services for creating natural eyebrows, bright eyes and plump lips.


Regal Mark Academy for physical and mental


On the basis of beauty and health, provide a platform for physical and mental rest and release, so that can be harmonious, balanced and improved. With the rapid development of science and technology, it is very convenient, but people’s physical and mental can not get more happiness and satisfaction. People still struggle for survival every day, but ignore the mental health, and the mental happiness continues to fall backward!


The academy often invites teachers to organize various physical and mental healing courses, as well as different online and offline meditation activities, so as to help people keep learning and growing in daily life and make life full of love and abundance.