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Herbal Acupuncture Powder
Product Introduction

Herbal Acupuncture Powder is made of Bai’s family’s secret recipe.The powder refined from precious herbs and mix with egg white when used .

The five elements: gold, wood, water, fire, and earth; the five qi complements each other, generates and interacts with yang and yin. The combination of water and fire emits heat, and then the heat energy is introduced into the skin’s bones and meridians by its translucent effect.It can effectively improve the human body healthy condition.dredge the meridians, warm the meridians, expel wind, dispel coldness, remove toxins from the body, dispel blood stasis, dispel edema, enhance immunity, improve sub-health, and replenish vital energy.

Product benefits
This Herbal Acupuncture Powder can regulate internal organs, reduce fat, lose weight, lighten stretch marks, regulate endocrine, depigment, remove blood stasis, get rid of dampness, relieve meridians, improve metabolism, and clean up waste in the body. For the symptoms of cervical spine, lumbar spine, rheumatoid arthritis, periarthritis of shoulder, gastrointestinal regulation, endocrine disorders, menstrual pain, kidney deficiency,swelling of the body, irregular blood gas, and other symptoms have the effect of improving.

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Product details
Main Ingredients
More than 30 kinds of Chinese herbal medicines such as Ganoderma lucidum, Polygonum multiflorum, safflower, white mustard seeds, Chuanxiong, Tougucao.
Professional Treatment
Cervical spine care, warm uterine care, herbal chest care, back detoxification care, hip health care, relieve joint pain care, viscera care. During dog days and sanjiu cycle days do the treatment with Herbal Acupuncture powder, the effect is better.