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Regal Mark International(H.K.) Company Limited

ISM Repair Serum
Product Introduction

ISM Repair Serum is produced with patented technology.The ISM Complex plant extract Repair Serum uses the Ultrasonic low-temperature extraction technique and meets all the required safety tests, especially helping to repair fragile or damaged skin.

It’s natural anti-allergic essence quickly relieves skin discomfort and improves skin problems. Instantly repairs and moisturizes the skin, establishes a protective film on the skin’s surface, and enhances the skin’s repair power. Strictly select high-efficiency moisturizing ingredients to nurture hydrated and radiant skin. Especially helpful in soothing, calming and relieving sensitive skin, reducing swelling, dryness and discomfort. It is crucial for skin repair, accelerated wound healing and hydration after the treatment. ISM Instant Repair Serum is suitable for use after cosmetic treatment or daily skin care to improve skin problems.

Applicable skin type
For any skin type

Especially suitable for
After wart removal/nevus removal, medical beauty/laser/hair removal, HIFU / micro needling / micro-plastic surgery, after semi-permanent tattoo, after-sun repair, acne / sensitive/fragile skin.

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Product details
Main Ingredients : Melissa Officinalis Extract, AgastacheRugosa Extract, ChamomillaRecutita Flower Extract, HamamelisVirginiana Bark Leaf Extract and CucumisSativus Fruit Extract.
Active ingredients extracted from plants
Nerve Growth Factor (NGF) It is a polypeptide that provides nutrients. Its biological functions include enhancing the growth and development of the central and peripheral nervous system, aiding wound healing and regulating mast cells. It also aids the repair of tissues at the wound and promotes wound healing. Ferulic amide It is a plant phenolic acid and a powerful anti-oxidant. Studies showed that it kills viruses, reduces inflammation, and inhibits thrombus production. It has been shown to whiten the skin effectively. Mucous glycoprotein (MGP) it is a glycoprotein that promotes the proliferation of human fibroblast. It mimics the mucus required by the plants when wounded and forms a fibrous protein structure to help repair wounded skin tissues. It can help to repair skin damage, where it rapidly forms a protective barrier for damaged skin, strengthening the skin’s defense against the harmful external environment. Lignan It is a plant “estrogen” and an anti-oxidative agent, the anti-oxidative property of lignin helps to capture free radicals that destroy the human body and skin cells.