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Regal Mark International
(H.K.) Company Limited

Regal Mark International(H.K.) Company Limited

Precious Bust Care Serum (Pro-Use)
Product Introduction

Bust Care Serum restores the true femininity of the silhouette and the neckline. The dictyopteris oil boosts the natural storage of lipid in the breast adipocytes which increased their volumes and firmness.

In addition it’s immediate and persistent lifting effect is due to the tara gum. The extracts of Brazilian chicory and kigelia, and the marine collagen as well stimulate the strength of the firming tissue.
It’s exceptional texture is made to penetrate very quickly and to leave a silky touch for an immedicate well-being. Suitable to correct neckline and nourish lips as well.

Product benefits

Nourishes the breast, improves flabbiness
Firming and lifting, prevents atrophy
Postpartum repair, restores elasticity
Reduce pigmentation,lightens the complexion

Additional information

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Product details
Main Ingredients
Brazilian Chicory Exract : Anti – Oxidant & Firming
Dictyopteris Algae Oil : Nourish Tissues for Volume
Tara Extract : Anti-ageing
Marine Collagen : Slow ageing, Plump Skin, Soothing
Kigelia Extract : Skin Elasticity
Vitamin E : Youthful Skin, Fight to Block Free Radicals
Professional Treatment
Breast Firming / Anti-Stretch Marks / Hips Lifting
A combination with Bust / Body Firming Mask could instantly bring remarkable results.