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ARTEMISIA Body Massage Oil
Product Introduction

8 Main Effects of Natural Artemisia argyi Leaf
Warm meridians, Dredge collaterals

Warm up body, Dispel cold

Promote blood circulation

Boost up immunity

Moisturize dry skin

Prevent chapped skin

Relieve sensitive and itchy skin

Improve fatigue and sub-health

Not Applicable Users
Pregnant woman, Baby.

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Product details
Main Ingredients : Artemisia argyi Leaf Oil, Olea europaea(Olive) Fruit Oil, Rosmarinus officinalis (Rosemary) Extracts  
Artemisia argyi Leaf Oil
The herbal classic book Materia Medica Zheng written that: Artemesia argyi Leaf can regulate twelve meridians, promote Yang, dispel cold, remove dampness, stimulate Qi and blood, dredge Qi stasis. It is one herbal medicine particularly good for liver, spleen and kidney. It is considered as the most suitable herbal medicine to help women remove cold, stasis inside blood and Qi. Another classic book Renewal of Materia Medica written that: Artemisia argyi Leaf can regulate menstruation, disperse depression, stimulate Qi and blood, warm menstruation, stop blooding, dispel cold and relieve pain.
Olea europaea(Olive) Fruit Oil
Olea europaea(Olive) Fruit Oil is rich in unsaturated fatty acids (>80%), such as oleic acid, linoleic acid, palmitoleic acid, linolenic acid inside, and also the skin-friendly squalene. It is very easy to be absorbed by skin. It can moisturize and nourish skin, can promote blood circulation and skin metabolism, can brighten and elasticize skin. It contains abundant monounsaturated fatty acid, and vitamin E, K, A, D, and other polyphenolic antioxidant substances. It can help to resist ultraviolet ray, reduce winkles, delay aging, and can cure skin damage and eczema. It is also helpful for inflammatory, acne skin. It is an excellent natural essential oil for skin beauty.  
Directions for Use
Massage : Apply proper amount to the position that needs massage, then push, take, lift, pinch the position by hand, according to meridians and acupoints. (Coordinate with Artemisia Body Elixir Oil +P, can get better efficacy.) Daily Care : Apply proper amount to skin, knead skin gently till the oil is absorbed.