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Regal Mark International
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Regal Mark International(H.K.) Company Limited

Dr.Face Medical Far Infrared Youthful face Device
Product Introduction

Dr.Face Medical far infrared is the energy in sunlight that can penetrate the farthest into the skin and subcutaneous tissues. It can penetrate 50 mm into the skin, re-activating cells, promoting enzyme production and rejuvenating.

Eight effects :

Firms and lifts / Repairing cells / Whitening and lighten spots / Reducing swelling and anti-inflammatory / Tightens pores / Increases blood microcirculation / Improving dullness and brightening skin tone / Returns to a younger state

Additional information

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Product details
The Korean Dr. Face medical grade for infrared youthful face device – a therapeutic apparatus approved by the Korean KFDA, US FDA, Europe CE. It features patented nano-titanium and carbon fiber membrane technology, capable of producing pure far infrared thermal energy to a depth of 50 mm into the skin, incomparably better than the usual surface-warming far infrared devices.
After cleansing and toning, apply serum, cream or mask on face and use the DR FACE for 30 minutes.