Regal Mark International (H.K.) Company Limited

Regal Mark International(H.K.) Company Limited

Dr.Rainbow Medical Far Infrared Wellness Device
Product Introduction

Dr Rainbow Medical Far Infrared Wellness Device medical far infrared is the energy in sunlight that can penetrate the farthest into the body and subcutaneous tissues. It causes vibration of atoms and elements in the body, and through resonance, creates a thermal reaction prompting subcutaneous temperature increase and micovascular expansion, promoting blood circulation, and discharging static blood, moisture, toxins, fat and other barriers to metabolism, directly through the sweat. Cells will be reactivated, contributing to in vivo enzyme production. Irradiation for 30 minutes a day will revive your bodily functions, to keep your body young and vibrant.

10 Benefits
Pain relief / Discharge of heavy metals / Improve deficiency cold / Improve gynecological problems / Reduce weight / Improve internal organs / Regulating blood pressure / Eliminate pressure and improve insomnia / Improve self-healing power and resist stubborn diseases / Whole body beauty, delicate skin

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Product details
The Korean Dr.Rainbow cell activation energy health instrument has been approved by the Korean KFDA, US FDA, Europe CE for treatment. It features patented nano-titanium and carbon fiber membrane tech- nology, capable of producing pure far infrared thermal energy to a depth of 50 mm into the body, improve the self-healing power of cells, relieve blood vessel dilatation, blood stasis, uterine coldness and menstrual pain, and improve gynecological inflammation, incomparably better than the usual surface-warming far infrared devices. Instructions Irradiation for 30-40 minutes a day will revive your bodily functions, to keep your body young and vibrant.